Friday, November 22, 2013

Why are there so many guns on our streets?

"Every dysfunction exist because it serves a function" -Unknown author

 Ask yourself...

* What function does it serve to allow this to continue?

* Is it complete incompetence on the part of our public officials?

* Who benefits?

* Who suffers?

* Is it politics?

* Is it gun laws that allow people to buy guns without a license or background check from private dealers; the very guns that make it to OUR streets?

It's called the so-called gun show loophole...

"We saw dozens of private sellers off to the sides and in the parking lot, selling everything from handguns to semi-automatic rifles. Private sellers are not required to run a background check. Instead, they can sell almost any gun without a check -- the so-called gun show loophole."

More here about that...

What are your thoughts?

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