Thursday, December 5, 2013

53 year old Milwaukee man was a victim of the so-called "knockout" game.

 "The 53-year-old said he was punched in the face Monday night. His nose was broken and he was knocked unconscious for no reason."

 "Bessette lives very near where he was attacked at Sherman Boulevard and Burleigh Street and said yes, he'd worried about being robbed before, but never thought he'd be punched in the face and wind up at Froedtert Hospital, all for somebody's amusement."

"Republican state Rep. Dean Kaufert, of Neenah, said the laws need to be tougher against this crime.

"These are not juvenile pranks and to tell kids and to tell young people you're not going to get the juvenile system. This is an adult crime, and you're going to face adult penalties," Kaufert said.

Kaufert is also looking into legislation that would prosecute people who record the attacks, calling them co-conspirators."

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