Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Convicted sex offender accused again of sexual assault.

"44-year-old Scott Dykas has been out of prison since 2008, but is still on the sex offender registry."

"Dykas has been on the Wisconsin sex offender registry since a first degree sexual assault conviction in 1988.

Now, the parolee is back in jail."

"Back in August of 2013, a Bay View woman reported a man with a hoodie grabbed her and groped her. The same type of thing was happening on Milwaukee’s East Side — as many as 20 reports in all."

"In Dykas’ case, police say there were 45 captures of his license plate — many occurring within the geographical area of the reported sexual assaults."

He has not been charged with the sexual assaults yet, instead, he is being held for running from police.

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