Sunday, February 2, 2014

Update: Carlos Ortiz found safe! Missing and possibly endangered Milwaukee teen Carlos Ortiz. Carlos call home!

A local family needs your help finding endangered teenager Carlos Ortiz. This is a facebook post that he posted 5 hours ago. Please call your family Carlos. We are all worried about you!

Just got done taking these pills and if i don't wake up by the morning god knows why nbs... don't even bother to care anyone bye
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  • Manny Spiffy shut up bro dont be saying that
  • Richard Morales really carlos ? suicide isnt the answer. Everyone goes through a lot of bullshit in life fam. I go through shit and i hold a lot in. Hope your okay bro. Your a strong dude nbs. Ypu can fight these battles and overcome the obsticles. Just dont take your life man. Lots of people care.

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