Tuesday, February 4, 2014

UPDATE: A man who helped hide a corpse sentenced to 1 yr + time served and fine.

"A Milwaukee County judge sentenced 25-year-old Michael Sether on Monday, February 5th to a year in the House of Correction (HOC) with credit for time already served." and a fine.

 22 year old Brittany Clary was sentenced to a year with time served in the House of Correction for her part in hiding the corpse of Glenn Willis.

"35-year-old Ashley Howard and 24-year-old Michael Sether were also charged in the case."

According to the criminal complaint, Glenn Willis died of a mixed drug overdose and the three decided that it was better to hide his body then to call 911.

" Willis’ body was found in an apartment near Astor and Knapp on Milwaukee’s lower east side on June 28th. He had been reported missing for nearly two weeks."

Full story here with details here...