Saturday, March 1, 2014

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett attended Cities United to address violence against young African American men.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett attended a two day conference in New Orleans called Cities United which is an umbrella organization with 56 members cities already on board. In attendance were representatives of 37 U.S. cities and municipalities.

The goal of the conference, which was the idea of New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter,

"...seeks to foster communication, share program successes and failures, and enable member cities to speak with a unified voice when soliciting aid or policy changes from state and federal governments."

" aimed at reducing violence and creating opportunity for African-American men and boys."

 "At the heart of the effort is concern over the devastating and statistically disproportionate toll urban violence takes on young black men and boys nationwide. The National League of Cities estimates that 13 African-American men or boys are killed in violent crime incidents every 24 hours."

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After a total of 106 homicides last year, Mayor Barrett and Chief Flynn are actively trying to decrease that number in the future by preparing for the summer months. Barrett saying, "...There’s a lot of data the police have as to where the hot spots are."

 “The vast majority of homicides, in Milwaukee and in many large cities in our country, are African-American men and I’m sad to say it, but when I get contacted about a homicide the first things I’m thinking is ‘this is going to be a young African-American man,’ said Barret.

"The mayor believes the violence stems from a wide range of issues — from employment to education. During the two-day event, city officials identified concerns and came up with ways to help combat them."

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