Wednesday, June 25, 2014

60 year old woman stabbed to death near 24th and Melvina

Update: 52 year old former boyfriend of victim turns himself in for stabbing Barbara Killebrew to death. This, about the victim...

"It was earlier in June when Killebrew came to a gathering in her neighborhood — speaking out against the violence after three shootings occurred near her block.

Barbara Killebrew spoke with FOX6 News, and her words would tragically be prophetic.

“I’d like to tell those young men that they got to put those guns down because it could be one of their family members that’s dying or getting shot,” Killebrew said.

“She did not deserve to die like that and I don’t know what type of spirit is over Milwaukee but it just seems like it’s violence everywhere,” Killebrew’s neighbor said.

Killebrew’s family is now grieving that a woman so concerned about recent violence towards others would become the very next victim.

“I want the community to know that she helped people. She was an assistant school teacher. She was a woman of God. She tried to do the best that she can,” Killebrew’s neighbor said."

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A 6o year old woman was stabbed to death in what is being called a domestic argument. No one is in custody yet.