Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Man shot in jaw after high school reunion here in Milwaukee

Claudaire Motley was in Milwaukee, from North Carolina to attend his high school reunion at Milwaukee Tech Saturday around 1 a.m he got in his rental, a 2014 Range Rover and dropped his friend off at the corner of N. 63rd St. and W. Capitol Drive. Motley said black car slowly rolled past him on the left and then a second car parked behind him. "He saw three passengers through the rear view mirror — a woman and two men — and they were looking at him strangely, he said. Suddenly, one of the men jumped out of the car, approached his window and pointed a gun at him. When Motley floored the accelerator, the man fired a shot through the window." Motley was hit in his jaw and managed to drive himself to St. Joesph where he collapsed. He suffered a shattered jaw and requires surgery.

Motley said he'd moved from Milwaukee because, "He'd been concerned about rising violence in Milwaukee for years, and the family's move to North Carolina in 2008 had been partly due to his sense that "the whole city seems to have taken a downward spiral."

"Motley's wife, Kimberley Motley, said she hoped her husband's story would capture the public's attention and that it would spark "some kind of change" in neighborhoods plagued by violence. Kimberley Motley, who was Mrs. Wisconsin in 2004, works as a criminal defense attorney in Kabul, Afghanistan. She heard about the shooting when she talked to her husband on Skype.

"Here I am in Afghanistan," she told him, shaking her head. "But the violence is worse in Milwaukee."